Germany: the land where centrists rule 

The collapse of traditional governing parties across Europe has benefited radical and populist rivals – but this is not the case in Germany

Digital Confidential: Why toxic big tech must be held to account

Now we know that the likes of Facebook and Instagram know their harmful content damages its young users, these tech giants should have nowhere to hide

Diary: Government as Performance Art

Anand Menon is back in Portcullis House – but ‘politics as normal’ is distinctly absent

Keeping the lights turned off

Light pollution means most of us rarely see the full beauty of the sky at night. Stargazing MP Andrew Griffith plans to change that

New trade secretary must stand firm against pro-Brussels lobbying

For Bill Cash, trade is the policy area where the UK can most significantly, and successfully, depart from the Brussels bureaucratic model. 

Baroness Jenkin: gone swishing

The Conservative peer reveals her sustainable lifestyle from clothes swapping and cycling to embracing her freezer and making potato milk

In Search of A Social EU?

The bloc must find a delicate balance between adequate social support whilst encouraging individual responsibility


The West Needs a New Strategy for Belarus

Belarus has been carrying out oppressive measures against its people with abandon – and without any major repercussions from the West.

Carbis Bay gets the Yalta treatment

Can a Cornish eco hotel can live up to the glitz and glamour of the G7?

The Biographer’s Tale

Freed finally of the task of finishing his biography on Joe Biden, Christopher Jackson discusses the plight of the biographer

Beyond Westminster: Consultancy Across the Regions

Devolution has been good business for public affairs consultants with specialist knowledge of Holyrood, Stormont and the Senedd

The mutant variant of parliament has poisoned Westminster

Worse still, much of the new intake of MPs have not been able to discover the art of cooperation.

Pepys: Cummings and Goings

Dominic Cummings’ great achievement was to glamourise disruption

Andy Coulson: How I became a black-belt in crisis management

Former Fleet Street editor and David Cameron adviser Andy Coulson on the art of communications and lessons from his own personal “nightmare”.

To Westminster: remember climate change?

In her latest Jackdaw entry, Marie Le Conte argues Westminster politicians are forgetting about one very important issue.