Christopher Jackson

The Biographer’s Tale

Freed finally of the task of finishing his biography on Joe Biden, Christopher Jackson discusses the plight of the biographer

In Memoriam Jeremy Heywood (1961-2018)

A new poem by Christopher Jackson

‘Wokeness has never been a majority thing’

Douglas Murray discusses the nature of public discourse and Donald Trump’s reelection chances

Heads of State

Christopher Jackson meets the Harley Street surgeon whose busts of world leaders are winning him friends in high places.

Inside the Independent Revolution that Wasn’t

Kenneth Clarke delivered a final parting shot to the Johnson administration at the Carlton Club on the eve of the election – and it’s one that will keep echoing

Who are the key players in justice today?

Christopher Jackson provides an update of a department about to enter a period of considerable flux.

Editorial Desk

Before this magazine went to press I found myself in Portcullis House in the office of a well-known MP.

Gina Miller: ‘There were whistleblowers on the Miller II case: they’re scared’

Gina Miller blows off on government whistleblowers