Innovating Against the Smoking Epidemic

Unveiling the 2024 Global Index of Effective Anti-Smoking Policies Reveals an Inconvenient Truth

The British public needs more practical advice on diet and nutrition

Updating the UK’s Eatwell Guide to include practical tips, could provide evidence-based, actionable advice in the fight against obesity

Empowering Children Against Bullying: Strategies for a Safer Future

National Bullying Prevention Month and Effective Anti-Bullying Approaches for Parents and Children

On World Oral Health Day, simple habits are key to a healthier lifestyle

The unsung importance of chewing

Changing the Way We Think About Mental Health

The UK government’s £150 million pledge for mental health services neglects some of the deeper factors driving the mental health crisis.

Index Launch: Countries With The Most Effective Anti-Smoking Policies

The “Effective Anti-smoking Policies” Index analyses public policies aimed to eradicate smoking, in 59 countries

We can force Putin pay for Ukraine’s reconstruction

The New Lines Institute, a leading US Foreign Policy think tank, presented at the roundtable event the framework by which Russian funds already frozen by several Western Nations can be lawfully used to compensate Ukraine.

Europe’s Energy Crisis Requires Innovative Solutions

Policymakers must ensure that Europe’s demand needs are met in an affordable way while at the same time supporting the transition to low-carbon fuels.

Tackling Europe’s mental health crisis

Mental health crisis is a complex problem, but there are simple things Europeans can do to cope

Cold War II

Lord Hannay on the invasion of Ukraine

Who’s ready to regulate social media?

Social media is an obstacle to free speech

A missing piece in education

Chess can develop valuable qualities such as resilience, focus and how to recover from defeat – at low cost

Dolitics: breaking the prison cycle

Criminal – or victim of poverty? It’s never a simple story

Misguided policy

Poor data and fake news are damaging the international arts industry

Dolitics: The food environment we live in is making us sick

The government can keep cooking up the same old obesity policies but nothing will change until the problem is tackled head-on.

The History Curriculum Needs Diversifying

Within 48 hours, 100,000 people signed Esmie Jikiemi-Pearson’s petition calling for the Government to teach Britain’s colonial past as part of the UK’s compulsory curriculum. Launched in June 2020, it has since reached 240,000 signatories.

Chris Evans, Labour MP for Islwyn and chair of the APPG on archives and history, makes the case for diversifying the history curriculum.

The UK Should Learn from the EU’s Mistakes on Trade Protectionism

An independent trade policy with an eye on Due Diligence will improve the UK’s relations and diplomatic links with key strategic partners

Rishi Sunak can play it safe or do the right thing

The Chancellor must make this an economic budget, not a political one, argues Eliot Wilson

Housing First can end rough sleeping once and for all

Homelessness remains a stain on society. One policy can end it, argues Brooks Newmark.

Let’s link climate, girls’ education and nature as we build back better

How can Britain be a global leader whilst cutting billions in overseas aid, asks Harriett Baldwin MP

Post-Brexit, Short-termism

Ending short-termism: the post-Brexit challenge

Thirty years of short-termism has left the transport and energy sectors in a stagnating mess, says Tony Lodge, but with Brexit done, there is a chance for some real change

Police must protect the public not just catch the bad guy

Rotherham’s MP, Sarah Champion, chair of an important parliamentary group on adult survivors of child sexual abuse, wants to see some change at the MoJ

Phillip Blond: ‘We live in a post-liberal world’

The political philosopher ponders policy, populism and the changed landscape of European politics