The Essential Role of Family in Europe

Amidst debates on progressive social policies, the enduring importance of traditional family values for stability and prosperity has become increasingly evident.

Why BBC Parliament needs saving

The channel that piqued my interest in politics could reduce youth disengagement – if given a chance

The Spike: Natasha Sindeyeva

The remarkable story of the exuberant socialite who founded Russia’s only independent television channel

Ukraine and Eurovision: an interwoven history

How Ukraine’s post-Soviet history has played out on the set of the Eurovision Song Contest

A missing piece in education

Chess can develop valuable qualities such as resilience, focus and how to recover from defeat – at low cost

Meet the contrarians

As an increasing number of people are being silenced for challenging the status quo, the Contrarian Prize recognises individuals who dare to be different

Misguided policy

Poor data and fake news are damaging the international arts industry

Is the art marketplace misunderstood?

Propaganda against the market continues to grow, and with it increasing pressure to restrict its activities

The Spike: Andrew Marr 

After 21 years at the BBC, Andrew Marr is breaking free – and the corporation will undoubtedly hope he’s not kickstarting a trend

An appetite for diplomacy

With the right ingredients, gastrodiplomacy in Brussels is proving to be the ideal conversation starter for ministers within and beyond the EU

Power dressing

Nicola Martorana is the discreet Sicilian tailor whose bespoke attire is worn by everyone from Michel Barnier and Pope Francis to the lobbyists and lawyers of Brussels

Bridge to the Past

A new play set in former Yugoslavia serves as a reminder that in many ways the conflict of the 90s is still depressingly present

France’s darkest hour, through American eyes

A new book traces the panicked period in which the US recognised a fascist regime as France’s rightful government

Glasgow: the host with the most

As the Scottish city gears up to hold Cop26, John Nicolson MP tells the story of his hometown and offers tips on where to visit, drink & dine

Spirit of revival

Commissioner Mariya Gabriel explains how the New European Bauhaus is fronting the next wave of cultural innovation

Mariya Gabriel on Europe’s New Bauhaus

Why is a new European initiative drawing inspiration from a century-old German art school movement?

The Spike: Jess Brammar’s deleted tweets

The BBC’s new head of news has found herself at the centre of a rupture over the impartiality of Britain’s public broadcasting

Carbis Bay gets the Yalta treatment

Can a Cornish eco hotel can live up to the glitz and glamour of the G7?

The Courtier: Meghan’s Greatest Role

Olenka Hamilton weighs the Duchess of Sussex’s chances at presidential glory

Diary: My Role in the Boris Biopic

Petronella Wyatt slams the government’s coronavirus cowardice – and teases her upcoming film role.

In Memoriam Jeremy Heywood (1961-2018)

A new poem by Christopher Jackson

A Prince Among Kings: the Political Anxiety of What’s Going On

Forged in an era of political turmoil and ecological uncertainty. the album’s sentiments still resonate 50 years later

Iain Dale’s Top 50 Political Podcasts

From stand-up comedians to serious analysis, these are the shows worth streaming

Power, Corruption and Lies: Peter Oborne’s “The Assault on Truth”

In The Assault on Truth, Oborne turns his eye to Boris Johnson, finds Ferdie Rous

Why ‘cancelling’ MP-poets is Woke tyranny

We still have plenty to learn from the father of English literature and former MP, argues William Cash

Thomas Becket Canterbury Cathedral

Martyr in the Cathedral

Why Thomas Becket’s murder 850 years ago remains a cautionary tale for special advisers today, says William Cash

John le Carré: Novelist of the moral battlefield

British espionage writer John le Carré has died aged 89. William Cash reflects on his legacy

Is Roadkill the new West Wing?

Former SpAd Peter Cardwell on why he’s a fan

Meme Machine

The government have been totally outgunned on social media, says Rosa Herxheimer

Hail to the Chief Junk Foodie

Catering for the top man in the White House? You can give René Redzepi the night off– Mr Trump’s tastes are as basic as his politics

Bayerischer Hof Munich Angela Merkel

Angela’s Revenge

Adam Solomon on why Munich’s Bayerischer Hof is Merkel’s favourite power summit hotel 

Front and Centre of Brussels Hospitality

Contemporary, quirky and classic, William Cash reviews the Hotel Amigo – a converted 16th-century prison with an award-winning Italian restaurant.

Sharp Pencils, Sharper Wit

The ongoing cull of political cartoonists by national newspapers has triggered new conversations about the status of this idiosyncratic art form.

Wanted: A Sea-side Tsar

William Cash sets out the case for a new seaside tsar and what needs to be done to reverse the decline of our coastal towns

How the National Trust Lost Its Way

Faced with a £200m revenue shortfall and under fire for dumbing down its role as a cultural institution, the beloved heritage organisation must not damage its reputation irrevocably

Long Table: Peter Mandelson’s Cosy Country Life in Lockdown 

Tucked away in Wiltshire, Peter Mandelson read his way through lockdown, when he wasn’t zooming into the Lords

Diary: The Hack is Back

Peter Cardwell is enjoying his retirement from SpAd life

Library: William Boyd – Brexit won’t change the way we think about ourselves

The acclaimed author of 15 novels, including Any Human Heart, debates how seismic events make their way into storytelling

Last Orders: Sir Anthony Seldon

Fresh from writing an account of Theresa May’s time in Downing Street, the historian finds time to talk about the state of the nation – and other matters.

The Lesson of Munich

The Establishment has been wrong before, notes Tim Congdon. Is it so crazy, he asks, to think that it might be wrong again?

Heads of State

Christopher Jackson meets the Harley Street surgeon whose busts of world leaders are winning him friends in high places.

Long Table: Lord Butler on the Ship of State

The former cabinet secretary, now a Lords crossbencher, describes his life as a peer and the differing demands of serving under five prime ministers.

Out of Office: What does a holiday destination reveal about a premiership?

William Cash considers Boris Johnson’s Christmas break in Mustique and finds a prime minister’s choice of holiday location to be highly revealing.

Recline and sprawl

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s languid pose on the Treasury bench launched a thousand memes on social media. Five observers interpret his body language for us.

Diary: Harry Potter Politics with Damian Collins

Damian Collins remembers his election victory and rejoices at the new Commons term