The EU’s Green Deal is not working

The Green Deal – the flagship priority of the von der Leyen Commission for the past 4 years – is suddenly up for debate.

The Essential Role of Family in Europe

Amidst debates on progressive social policies, the enduring importance of traditional family values for stability and prosperity has become increasingly evident.

The EU’s Deforestation Regulation Sparks Protests from Farmers and Governments

Rural communities unable to participate in supply chain to Europe risk being left behind

It is high time for Europe to reconsider its priorities in Central Asia

The EU needs to play a more active role in Central Asia with regard to both energy security and connectivity

Embracing Flexible Solutions to Ease the Energy Crisis

The energy disruption can be eased if the EU opts for a common-sense approach

The EU Should Avoid Following the US Approach on Forced Labour

Forced labour and child labour not only is a moral outrage but also an illegitimate economic activity that undercuts products produced fairly in Europe.

EU Enlargement: Montenegro’s accession is a milestone for the future of Europe

After a decade of negotiations, citizens must now secure Montenegro’s path to EU membership

Relations with Post-War Russia; a Mirror for Europe?

Foreign policy planning has never been the strong asset of the European Union

The EU Special Representative to the Gulf will play a key role in EU-GCC relationship

Luigi Di Maio’s candidacy irks key countries across the EU and the Gulf

The E.U. Should Follow the U.K.’s Model on Due Diligence

The U.K.’s current political and economic turmoil offers a model that no one on the continent would wish to follow right now – but its Due Diligence system, introduced in 2021, should be studied very closely

In Tackling Rising Food and Cost of Living Prices, the EU Finds an Unlikely Ally

As a result of the war in Ukraine,  Europe, and the world, are facing unprecedented inflationary surges, cost of living and food security crises.

Creating a digital forum for voters in Germany

How CamBuildr works to give campaigners new tools for engaging with voters

Why neutrality is no longer an option for island states

Vulnerable nations face uncertain futures and complex allegiances in the face of a changing world order

Why green deals create green bubbles

Europe’s approach to the climate crisis has some fatal – and proven – flaws

United we stand

Russia’s war against Ukraine has provoked a strategic reawakening throughout Europe

Chewing over better health

At times of humanitarian crisis, small measures can solve complicated problems

Are our freedoms under threat?

Tearing down statues is just one manifestation of a direct attack on our values, institutions and shared history

Doomed to succeed

The euro may have fallen short of its objectives, but on its 20th birthday its survival inspires calls for further European integration

Reworking labour rights

The Malaysian palm oil industry is one of many making strides towards stamping out forced and trafficked labour

Calling time on ‘just in time’

Biden’s executive order to reshape the supply chain might foster improved transatlantic trade relations with the European Union

How to preserve European unity

There may be dissent within the EU – but key changes and a new mindset can yet win the day

Can Viktor Orbán be defeated? 

Hungary’s opposition seems united around little more than its dislike of the PM and his Fidesz party. Will that be enough to beat him in April’s elections? 

Interview: European and African trade

György Hölvényi MEP reveals his expectations for a new partnership deal between the European Union and the African Union

Why start ups are the flavour of the month

The future’s bright for startups – especially if the UK and EU can work together and rise to global challenges

Is Europe edging left?

A stunning socialist victory at Portugal’s snap election on Sunday is a boost for the centre-left in Western Europe

An MEP on: The EU-US approach to artificial intelligence

Why the transatlantic Trade and Technology Council will play a key role in the future of AI

Sustaining the palm oil debate

Palm oil has long been vilified for its unsustainability – but Malaysia’s palm oil minister Zuraida Kamaruddin thinks the industry can, and should, be saved

Investments in the age of AI

Progress in technology has made it easier for investors to perceive the risks – and rewards – of the financial markets

A strategy for nations’ best interests

True strategic autonomy will do much to strengthen the global economy for the EU and its allies

Sustainable technologies in agriculture will be key to EU Africa partnership

Agricultural inputs and technology can and should be a core part of delivering sustainable development in African agriculture

Is GovTech the new FinTech?

Daniel Korski, CEO and co-founder of PUBLIC, is closing the gap between technology and government

An MEP on… Why Europe must find itself

Democracy is under attack in Europe

How to programme the future

Modern technologies could make the world a better place – or they could do the exact opposite

Consider Nigeria

To fight the immigration crisis, the EU must take a firm stance on human rights in Nigeria

Scholz, Putin & Boris – what does it all mean?

The United Kingdom will soon feel a chillier wind blowing from the new Scholz-led government in Berlin

Anti-elite politics hits Hungary

Péter Márki-Zay is an independent politician running to become prime minister. He stormed through the second round of primaries, but what are his chances of winning against Viktor Orbán this spring?

Is the Eurocracy ‘Woke’?

Many thought the EU was too technocratic to embrace the wave of wokeness washing over the West. They may have been proved wrong

Don’t underestimate the submarines

Why Aukus makes a whole lot of sense for America’s security and defence in the long term

Building blocks

Gérard Pogorel speaks to Thomas Dünser, the man who led Liechtenstein’s pioneering Blockchain Act, on how he is shaping a brave new financial world

Europe braces for winter

The EU’s ongoing energy crisis reveals how little its green transition has progressed

African farmers ask the EU for a localised partnership

As they stand, the EU’s trading standards are an obstacle to the continent’s economic success

Losing precedence

The ECJ is losing out in Poland and beyond. Is the primacy of EU law ebbing away?

An appetite for diplomacy

With the right ingredients, gastrodiplomacy in Brussels is proving to be the ideal conversation starter for ministers within and beyond the EU

Europe’s Embattled Progressives

Europe took a decidedly neoliberal shift thirty years ago, but centre-left moderates still view the union as a beacon of progressivism

Green and pleasant plans

Virginijus Sinkevičius, the EU’s youngest commissioner speaks to Ben Goldsmith, chair of the Conservative Environment Network, about Cop26, collective responsibility and blue carbon

The future of strategic autonomy

If you follow European politics and haven’t yet come across “strategic autonomy”, you’re not following closely enough

The right to survive climate change

Maldivian diplomat Jeffrey Salim Waheed calls on Cop26 to enshrine the need for a human rights-based approach to tackling the climate emergency

The nuclear option

The energy and climate crises are hitting Europe hard. Here’s how to fix them both

The Éric Zemmour Factor

The right-wing ‘intellectuel’ is fast becoming Emmanuel Macron’s worst nightmare

Germany: the land where centrists rule 

The collapse of traditional governing parties across Europe has benefited radical and populist rivals – but this is not the case in Germany

Norway Backtracks on Climate Commitments

Norway’s stonewalling on deforestation incentive payments to Indonesia undermines future rich-poor cooperation on climate change

Spirit of revival

Commissioner Mariya Gabriel explains how the New European Bauhaus is fronting the next wave of cultural innovation

Mariya Gabriel on Europe’s New Bauhaus

Why is a new European initiative drawing inspiration from a century-old German art school movement?

An MEP on… A Just Transition

Europe is leading the way in promoting a quick phasing out of coal and bridging natural resources like gas

The Constant Currency

Why the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) requires slow and gradual reform.

Why Germany Needs to Elect a Jamaica Coalition

Instead of laying the ground for the future, Merkel’s politics has been administering for today based on the successes of yesterday: a ‘Jamaica’ coalition could change the country’s future.

Weaving a Silk Seven Summit

If the EU wants to remain a global powerhouse undwarfed by China, it should aid Afghanistan’s economic integration with its nearer neighbours.

In Search of A Social EU?

The bloc must find a delicate balance between adequate social support whilst encouraging individual responsibility

How to Revamp the EU’s Global Image

Updating its policies on security and militarisation could dramatically improve the EU’s image – both internally and externally, says Katalin Cseh MEP.

military italy afghanistan europe

How Afghanistan Is Testing the EU’s Global Leadership

For the EU, shirking its responsibilities regarding Afghan refugees and failing to engage with the Taliban will only reduce the bloc’s status on the global stage.

digital europe

Europe’s Digital Transformation

Europe’s digital strategy must harness innovation, maximise personal freedom and protect against new threats, writes Francesco Cappelletti of the European Liberal Forum.

poland europe truck internal trade market

The EU’s Internal Market Needs Bolstering

Antonios Nestoras, ELF Policy and Research Coordinator, outlines a progressive plan to protect two crucial pillars of the EU from possible challenges.

green climate deal europe

The European Green Deal is Not Enough

Nicu Ștefănuță MEP argues that to build a sustainable future, Europe must work together and aim beyond its current goals.

eu institutions brussels

Fixing the EU’s Institutions

Introducing the first chapter of the 2021 Liberal White Book, Hilde Vautmans MEP sets out the key reforms that would revive the EU’s institutional framework.

european union

Making the EU Happen

Daniel Kaddik, Executive Director of the European Liberal Forum, argues for a concrete European roadmap for action addressing all the complexities of modern challenges facing the continent.

An essay in fiction

Putin is rewriting history. How and why?

The Third Pole of Power 

It’s been a long time coming, and now it’s official. Dubbed as a new Cold War, the US-China confrontation in the Pacific has now cut across the Atlantic into the NATO Summit Declaration. Yet, in a re-emerging bipolarity, Europe may this time choose to play the role of a third pole of power, writes Dr Antonios Nestoras. 

Europe Must Rethink the Digital Services Act

The European Commission claims that the Digital Services Act (DSA) will deliver much-needed harmonisation and clarity of regulation. In fact, it introduces new risks and costs on businesses without adequate justification. If the European Commission aims to improve the competitiveness of Europe’s digital economy and to safeguard the interests of European consumers, its proposals must be significantly amended.

Biden, Putin, and the Danger of Shaking Hands

At the Geneva Summit, the American President ignored warnings not to shake his Russian counterpart’s hand. In doing so, he reflected a wider trend in which the West shuts its eyes to Russian aggressions, blocking out decades of sound advice coming from Eastern and Central Europe.

The misty meaning of the G7 tax agreement

The G7 agreement on the minimum tax of 15 percent is a small step, but it is not yet clear in which direction.

Isolating Morocco would be a historic blunder for the EU

Why the EU needs a change of policy approach to avoid Morocco becoming another uncooperative player in the region, which could be just as devastating as when the West lost Turkey

Zoom and the equalisation of ideas

How politicians and videoconferencing have made the world smaller

The EU’s perilous social justice bill

The Commission’s three-pronged plans for a new Europe have returned from hibernation – and are a sleepwalk into bad policy

Europe’s Last Chance in Venezuela

The following months are a make-or-break window of opportunity for the EU to accelerate Nicolás Maduro’s demise and a democratic restoration in the country, argues a new report.

Making European vaccine strategy “antifragile” by eliminating the virus

It yet remains to be seen if the vaccine will deliver the promise of a return to normal life, with no new waves of infections.

Never mind Macron, worry about whoever comes next

The combination of Macron’s new-found popularity on the right, the apathetic support for him from the centre, and Le Pen’s tainted brand, may save him in next year’s election

Why the Uyghur genocide in China matters

Any move towards closer economic cooperation between the European Union and China must be put on pause until the situation in Xinjiang is entirely remedied

Can Europe turn into a global digital leader?

The future European legislative framework needs to be technologically open and define very clear rules, avoiding unnecessary red tape.

The real problem with the “Sofa Gate”

The trip was supposed to reignite the spark of a relationship between the EU and Turkey – a relationship that has been strained over the last few years.

After COVID, the EU needs a new approach to China

The pandemic has proved a turning point for China’s foreign policy and public relations. Brussels should reciprocate.

Europe’s risk aversion affects the whole world

From digital policy to transport, the EU’s overly prescriptive approach to risk is unwise and costly.

The Streaming Wars: European culture could be a major step towards recovery

Politicians across the bloc ought to remember the films and series they enjoyed during lockdown – and support their continental producers.

To Europeans, America is back. The US wants something in return

If it is not possible to renew transatlantic vows under Biden, chances are that it will not happen under his successor either.

Treaty change can secure post-Covid reform for the EU

The upcoming Conference on the Future of Europe must avoid becoming a mere publicity stunt, when the bloc needs drastic change.

COVID Recovery Fund challenged in European Courts

If the Constitutional Court decides to proceed with the case, it could delay the roll out of the Coronavirus Recovery Fund for months