Investments in the age of AI

Progress in technology has made it easier for investors to perceive the risks – and rewards – of the financial markets

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We have arrived at an intersection of powerful technologies that have the potential to eliminate many of the intricacies associated with investing, and our personal finances in general. By uniting things such as artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, wealth management and fintech firms are able to develop new solutions that reduce many of the investor’s pain points. Participants in the financial markets adapting to this new technological paradigm are getting ahead of the game – but what does this mean for the investor?

I have always been aware that the impact of financial technology on the investing world is far from trivial. While there is no secret formula for ensuring that our investments will be both successful and low-risk, technological advancements in the wealth sector are helping investors to make more calculated financial decisions at a reduced cost – and at a potentially lower risk.  

The use of quantitative investing in financial markets, for example, has been one of the most significant breakthroughs in recent years. In the age of AI, key innovations have allowed investors to access diversified investment portfolios that help in reducing the overall risk, and provide a much better indication in terms of projection of future returns. In addition, technological advancement in the investment industry has made it less expensive for individual investors to participate in the financial markets, and much easier to understand the potential risk and reward of their investments.

Technology also has the potential to enhance financial inclusion in all parts of the world. Everyone, from the new generations of investors, to those in areas where governmental or institutional support is insufficient, benefits from this new digital reality. The democratisation of the wealth industry through technology offers the general public access to sophisticated solutions that, until now, have only been accessible to institutional clients.

The capacity of technology to democratise and streamline otherwise complex processes is due in part to the fact that it is based on numbers rather than purely human skill. For a human alone to thoroughly analyse the amount of data available would be impossible – for that we need high-end technology to analyse big data, and the use of robo-advisers built by expert quants (a specialist who applies mathematical and statistical methods to financial and risk management problems).  

The creation of robo-advisers, which has given investors the ability to consult precise data and information before making decisions, has been another – perhaps even the most significant – technological innovation in the financial industry.  

Modern wealth management firms are using this new approach to develop more personalised financial plans and portfolios, and drive greater accessibility to financial services as a whole, without the need for human interaction. 

Traditional human advisers have been put to the test by the technological advancements of the industry, but their usefulness and relevance in helping investors navigate the intricacies of wealth building to achieve their financial goals has only increased.  

While many fintech services help investors navigate their personal finances without requiring them to engage with real humans, others combine the expertise of traditional advisers with their sophisticated algorithms to achieve optimal results. This is better known as a “hybrid approach”. 

As we witness the customer interaction model shift from human-centred to machine-centred, Quant Infinity Solutions AG opts for a hybrid model – where investors are offered a combination of the best of both worlds: an AI-powered investment plan supplemented by the experience of an investment decision body. We recognise that individuals still need a dedicated human relationship manager through the investment process, supporting their investment decisions by taking individual circumstances and needs into account. 

As we enter this new age of artificial intelligence, our investment technology will only become more instinctive and sophisticated. Investors are becoming more empowered than ever to take the reins on their investments and make more knowledgeable financial decisions, whether through robo-advisers or mobile banking, big data or blockchain.  

Quant Infinity Solutions AG provides an optimised customer experience with the use of advanced AI and a personalised approach, all delivered through an ecosystem of specialists who will first and foremost understand your profile as an investor and help you achieve your goals. 

Fabrice Tischhauser is the CEO of Quant Infinity Solutions AG (

21st January 2022