Why diversifying trade is the only answer to wartime food security

“When goods don’t cross borders, Soldiers will”

It is high time for Europe to reconsider its priorities in Central Asia

The EU needs to play a more active role in Central Asia with regard to both energy security and connectivity

Azerbaijan eyes deeper strategic partnership with Hungary

The European Union’s decades-long dependence on Russian energy imports is threatening European energy security

Neutrality under threat as Nigerian election looms

To support Nigeria’s upcoming elections the US State Department has announced visa restrictions for those involved in undermining democracy

EU Enlargement: Montenegro’s accession is a milestone for the future of Europe

After a decade of negotiations, citizens must now secure Montenegro’s path to EU membership

Collecting the evidence of genocide

How the New Lines Institute has ascertained that Russia’s war on Ukraine crosses the tolerable moral boundaries of warfare

Long Table: Lord Hannay

The veteran peer on why reforming long-established institutions can be a daunting and thankless task

How will the war in Ukraine end?

Finnish Ambassador to the UK Jukka Siukosaari reveals the Finnish insight on Russia and speculates on how the conflict will end

Cold War II

Lord Hannay on the invasion of Ukraine

The Helm Review: Flop26

Mace hears from economist and climate expert Professor Dieter Helm on his assessment of Cop26

The Ambassador: Markus Leitner

The Swiss Ambassador on how regular referenda and a devolved government embeds Switzerland’s politics with accountability and rooted decisionmaking

Troubles in Kazakhstan; a realpolitik test for the West

It is in the West’s interest that Kazakhstan’s significant advances of the last 30 years are maintained, argues Afzal Amin

After the wildfires, Cop26 cannot be a failure 

The Greek Ambassador on the climate, refugees and his problem with Greek islands

Weaving a Silk Seven Summit

If the EU wants to remain a global powerhouse undwarfed by China, it should aid Afghanistan’s economic integration with its nearer neighbours.

An essay in fiction

Putin is rewriting history. How and why?

The Third Pole of Power 

It’s been a long time coming, and now it’s official. Dubbed as a new Cold War, the US-China confrontation in the Pacific has now cut across the Atlantic into the NATO Summit Declaration. Yet, in a re-emerging bipolarity, Europe may this time choose to play the role of a third pole of power, writes Dr Antonios Nestoras. 

The UK has a Duty to Hongkongers

After mounting evidence of China breaking the Sino-British Joint Declaration, Tom Randall MP argues that due to the UK’s recent colonial history with Hong Kong, the Foreign Office now has a duty to stand up and protect Hongkongers’ freedoms and rights.

Biden, Putin, and the Danger of Shaking Hands

At the Geneva Summit, the American President ignored warnings not to shake his Russian counterpart’s hand. In doing so, he reflected a wider trend in which the West shuts its eyes to Russian aggressions, blocking out decades of sound advice coming from Eastern and Central Europe.

Isolating Morocco would be a historic blunder for the EU

Why the EU needs a change of policy approach to avoid Morocco becoming another uncooperative player in the region, which could be just as devastating as when the West lost Turkey

Europe’s Last Chance in Venezuela

The following months are a make-or-break window of opportunity for the EU to accelerate Nicolás Maduro’s demise and a democratic restoration in the country, argues a new report.

What we can learn from Taiwan on pandemics

Thanks to its robust health system, rigorous testing strategies, information transparency, and public-private partnerships, Taiwan’s response to COVID-19 has been one of the world’s success stories.

Long-distance relationship

New Zealand’s high commissioner to the UK on Covid, cricket and Kiri Te Kanawa

In Conversation with Sylvie Bermann, former French ambassador

Sylvie Bermann was France’s ambassador to the United Kingdom from 2014 to 2017, the first woman to hold the role.

Why the Uyghur genocide in China matters

Any move towards closer economic cooperation between the European Union and China must be put on pause until the situation in Xinjiang is entirely remedied

The Unconventional Diplomat – Vanessa Neumann

I signed up for diplomacy, but got politics, says Venezuela’s British Ambassador

Diplomat from Down Under: George Brandis

Australia’s top envoy in London reflects on moving from politics to diplomacy and on the deep historical ties that bind his country with the United Kingdom.

Neil Wigan’s Hectic Days in Tel Aviv

His schedule is packed but there’s never a dull day for Neil Wigan, the British ambassador to Israel. He gives the lowdown on his life in Israel