François Valentin and Jorge González-Gallarza

Doomed to succeed

The euro may have fallen short of its objectives, but on its 20th birthday its survival inspires calls for further European integration

Can Viktor Orbán be defeated? 

Hungary’s opposition seems united around little more than its dislike of the PM and his Fidesz party. Will that be enough to beat him in April’s elections? 

Is Europe edging left?

A stunning socialist victory at Portugal’s snap election on Sunday is a boost for the centre-left in Western Europe

All’s not quiet on the eastern front

With armed conflict now a serious possibility, it would be a huge risk to call out Putin’s bluff

Is the Eurocracy ‘Woke’?

Many thought the EU was too technocratic to embrace the wave of wokeness washing over the West. They may have been proved wrong

Europe braces for winter

The EU’s ongoing energy crisis reveals how little its green transition has progressed

Losing precedence

The ECJ is losing out in Poland and beyond. Is the primacy of EU law ebbing away?

Europe’s Embattled Progressives

Europe took a decidedly neoliberal shift thirty years ago, but centre-left moderates still view the union as a beacon of progressivism

France’s darkest hour, through American eyes

A new book traces the panicked period in which the US recognised a fascist regime as France’s rightful government

The future of strategic autonomy

If you follow European politics and haven’t yet come across “strategic autonomy”, you’re not following closely enough

The Éric Zemmour Factor

The right-wing ‘intellectuel’ is fast becoming Emmanuel Macron’s worst nightmare

Germany: the land where centrists rule 

The collapse of traditional governing parties across Europe has benefited radical and populist rivals – but this is not the case in Germany