Lucy Kenningham

The Austrian World Summit

How Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Climate Initiative is opening the doors of environmental conferences to normal people

Podcast dos and don’ts

Politicians are grabbing the microphone by the bucket load in order to “pod”. But it’s not always a wise move

How art colours lives

Art4Humanity is a new initiative funding global youth and arts projects

The Spike: Natasha Sindeyeva

The remarkable story of the exuberant socialite who founded Russia’s only independent television channel

Decorating the metaverse

The world of NFT art isn’t just about individual artists selling work to crypto nerds. As big brands get involved, there’s money to be made and kudos to gain

What actually matters to voters?

It’s the economy, stupid!

How will the war in Ukraine end?

Finnish Ambassador to the UK Jukka Siukosaari reveals the Finnish insight on Russia and speculates on how the conflict will end

Sanctions: more complicated than they appear

The history of sanctions has many lessons for the government

Cold War II

Lord Hannay on the invasion of Ukraine

The Met & The Mayor

The political and cultural crisis surrounding London’s police force has shone a light on an intolerable governance system

Pets on parade

There’s nothing quite like the description “animal lover” to engender good will towards politicians

The Ambassador: Markus Leitner

The Swiss Ambassador on how regular referenda and a devolved government embeds Switzerland’s politics with accountability and rooted decisionmaking

Leading without vision

Premiers are different to the crowd: an electorate teeming with Thatcher’s drive and Blair’s self-belief would be a nightmare

The Spike: Andrew Marr 

After 21 years at the BBC, Andrew Marr is breaking free – and the corporation will undoubtedly hope he’s not kickstarting a trend

Special report: Crypto’s golden promise

The crypto world can feel murky and mysterious. But what used to be an underground movement is now manifestly mainstream

An appetite for diplomacy

With the right ingredients, gastrodiplomacy in Brussels is proving to be the ideal conversation starter for ministers within and beyond the EU

Dressing down

Sir Lindsay Hoyle is on a mission to sharpen MPs’ dress sense, but will clothes alone inspire better behaviour?

The polluter will need to pay

Why the ‘cake, have, eat’ approach won’t fix the climate emergency

Beyond social care

How can the government prepare to deal with an ageing population?

Introducing the Mace Arts and Heritage Index

Mace’s latest index is the first act in our deep dive into the UK’s mighty creative industries sector. We’ve toured museums, galleries and theatres and profile the people performing with the most political influence in Westminster today.