Boris Johnson

As the pandemic slows, Britain will continue to succeed

Boris Johnson may be in trouble, but the Britain he leads is not, argues Azeem Ibrahim

Pepys: sorry not sorry

Saying the word itself is easy – unless you’re Elton John. But a well pitched apology is an art that eludes most politicians

In defence of lobbying

There’s more to engaging with government than short-term lobbying for single issues

The Corridor

Our Westminster spy on the freeloading footie fan, Labour’s hard-left harrumphing and Johnson’s swinger consigliere

Norway Backtracks on Climate Commitments

Norway’s stonewalling on deforestation incentive payments to Indonesia undermines future rich-poor cooperation on climate change

Dominic Cummings is right about one thing

The prime minister’s friend-turned-enemy is right to point out the government’s misguided plans for herd immunity last year. Ministers shouldn’t be allowed to deny it.

Power, Corruption and Lies: Peter Oborne’s “The Assault on Truth”

In The Assault on Truth, Oborne turns his eye to Boris Johnson, finds Ferdie Rous

Boris hasn't had the best time at the helm

Can Boris bounce back after his annus horribilis?

Since Boris Johnson won an 80-seat landslide at last year’s general election, he has never quite looked in control. But he could yet recover, says Harry Mount

Dominic Cummings Special

The End of ‘Domocracy’ at No 10

Dominic Cummings’s departure from Downing Street gives Boris Johnson the chance to reshuffle his team on more democratic lines, says former SpAd Peter Cardwell

Why Merkel does it better

As Boris goes from one blunder to the next, the German chancellor has kept the virus under control, says John Kampfner