The Helm Review: Flop26

Mace hears from economist and climate expert Professor Dieter Helm on his assessment of Cop26

Fine words from Defra butters no parsnips

Can new laws make farming pay? If not, our countryside faces the biggest threat for centuries

Sustaining the palm oil debate

Palm oil has long been vilified for its unsustainability – but Malaysia’s palm oil minister Zuraida Kamaruddin thinks the industry can, and should, be saved

Green and pleasant plans

Virginijus Sinkevičius, the EU’s youngest commissioner speaks to Ben Goldsmith, chair of the Conservative Environment Network, about Cop26, collective responsibility and blue carbon

Future fuel

Jacob Young MP tells Mace why he’s backing clean hydrogen as the fuel of the future

Turning up the temperature

Ahead of Cop26, can Joe Biden’s bold climate change action plan help save the planet?

The polluter will need to pay

Why the ‘cake, have, eat’ approach won’t fix the climate emergency

Norway Backtracks on Climate Commitments

Norway’s stonewalling on deforestation incentive payments to Indonesia undermines future rich-poor cooperation on climate change

An MEP on… A Just Transition

Europe is leading the way in promoting a quick phasing out of coal and bridging natural resources like gas

Keeping the lights turned off

Light pollution means most of us rarely see the full beauty of the sky at night. Stargazing MP Andrew Griffith plans to change that

New trade secretary must stand firm against pro-Brussels lobbying

For Bill Cash, trade is the policy area where the UK can most significantly, and successfully, depart from the Brussels bureaucratic model. 

Baroness Jenkin: gone swishing

The Conservative peer reveals her sustainable lifestyle from clothes swapping and cycling to embracing her freezer and making potato milk

To Westminster: remember climate change?

In her latest Jackdaw entry, Marie Le Conte argues Westminster politicians are forgetting about one very important issue.

Let’s link climate, girls’ education and nature as we build back better

How can Britain be a global leader whilst cutting billions in overseas aid, asks Harriett Baldwin MP