An MEP on… A Just Transition

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Diary: Government as Performance Art

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How politicians and videoconferencing have made the world smaller

What we can learn from Taiwan on pandemics

Thanks to its robust health system, rigorous testing strategies, information transparency, and public-private partnerships, Taiwan’s response to COVID-19 has been one of the world’s success stories.

Making European vaccine strategy “antifragile” by eliminating the virus

It yet remains to be seen if the vaccine will deliver the promise of a return to normal life, with no new waves of infections.

Long-distance relationship

New Zealand’s high commissioner to the UK on Covid, cricket and Kiri Te Kanawa

The mutant variant of parliament has poisoned Westminster

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COVID Recovery Fund challenged in European Courts

If the Constitutional Court decides to proceed with the case, it could delay the roll out of the Coronavirus Recovery Fund for months

Why Merkel does it better

As Boris goes from one blunder to the next, the German chancellor has kept the virus under control, says John Kampfner