Last Orders: Dehenna Davison

The MP for Bishop Auckland on her commitment to the community, reducing violence and love of a good book

The Corridor

Our Westminster spy on the freeloading footie fan, Labour’s hard-left harrumphing and Johnson’s swinger consigliere

Carbis Bay gets the Yalta treatment

Can a Cornish eco hotel can live up to the glitz and glamour of the G7?

Long-distance relationship

New Zealand’s high commissioner to the UK on Covid, cricket and Kiri Te Kanawa

Where next for Cain, Cummings and the rest?

Don’t have too much sympathy for SpAds on the out. Leaving Whitehall is when the fun starts…

Team Trump v Team Biden: Family v Experience

As Trump’s numbers soar in Florida ahead of the final Presidential debate on Thursday, the Mace considers the sea of difference between the Biden and Trump campaign

Joe Biden Donald Trump

Why Britain should welcome a Biden landslide

Forget Trump, a Biden Presidency would be best for Britain, says George Peel

Ancient marbles

Global Britain – more Athenian than Spartan

Karaoke queen

Which MP has got musical talent?

Don’t give up the day job

The legal profession is outraged by attorney general Suella Braverman’s response to the internal market bill

Swire swag

What do Sasha Swire and Gareth Bale have in common?

Ed for business

Sir Ed Davie has been hard done by at the green-energy firm he consults for

Mystic Murdoch

Murdoch still has his finger on the pulse of politics

Meet the Grandfather of the House

Everyone knows about the Father of the House but you may not have heard that the self-styled ‘Grandfather of the House’ is Sir Bill Cash – now the oldest Member of the Commons. Cash – who will be 80 on May 10th – proudly drives to the Commons in a 1992 Jaguar Sovereign older than […]

In the doghouse

Lisa Cameron’s most disappointing moment in the chamber

Iain Dale’s Top 100 in British Politics

The movers, shakers and rule-breakers making their mark in Westminster

Act Fast to Fix the Homeless Crisis

As the government’s emergency housing programme, Everyone In, winds down, the homelessness sector is on high alert for a rise in rough sleeping

APPG – Football Brings People Together

As a proud season ticket holder at Manchester United, my passion for football started at a young age, writes Katherine Fletcher MP

Clashing Tribes: The Longevity of ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ Politics

Whatever you think of identity politics, the social battleground between ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ is here to stay, argues Robert Ford.

Hard rain coming: Inside the Whitehall revolution

George Peel examines Downing Street’s ruthless approach to civil service reform

The Corridor – Blues Brother

The ascension of Davie to the top job at the Beeb in June aroused a considerable degree of suspicion among the corporation’s not insubstantial number of lefties on account of his Tory history.

Long Table: Peter Mandelson’s Cosy Country Life in Lockdown 

Tucked away in Wiltshire, Peter Mandelson read his way through lockdown, when he wasn’t zooming into the Lords

Pepys: A Tsar is Born

Since the first UK tsar was appointed, a veritable explosion has followed – but what exactly are the rules regarding such headline-garnering appointments?

Erskine: Bernard Jenkin MP

Attempts to modernise the civil service, one of the great institutions of state, will put unnecessary strain on the UK constitution

The Unconventional Diplomat – Vanessa Neumann

I signed up for diplomacy, but got politics, says Venezuela’s British Ambassador

Bring Back Politics-by-the-sea

Seaside-town voters in red wall seats helped secure the prime minister’s landslide

Protecting our Heritage

There is perhaps no organisation that exemplifies Britain’s regional spirit of place better than English Heritage.

The Scourge of the Political Celebrity

Political celebs don’t win elections, they just get in the way

A Shakespearean in Downing Street

It was in another lifetime that Boris Johnson stood up – on the eve of the May era, in fact – and quoted Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

Library: William Boyd – Brexit won’t change the way we think about ourselves

The acclaimed author of 15 novels, including Any Human Heart, debates how seismic events make their way into storytelling

Last Orders: Sir Anthony Seldon

Fresh from writing an account of Theresa May’s time in Downing Street, the historian finds time to talk about the state of the nation – and other matters.

Happy Times

The strange hierarchy of the press gallery

The Seldon Slap

Sir Anthony Seldon’s new book goes down well with Olly Robbins

Aggers for PM?

Jonathan Agnew – a politician?

They’ll do it Allison’s Way

Allison Pearson hosts a dinner for the bravest pro-Leave writers

A Bit of Sly and Laurie

Hugh Laurie on what Dickens would have made of Brexit

The Clown Prince Ascends to his Throne

There’s plenty of egg-on-face – or just embarrassed silence – for the many pundit hacks, often former Tory colleagues of Boris, who wrote him off as a priapic clown.

Meet the Class of 2019

George Peel surveys the best of the new crop and finds much to celebrate in all the parties

Police must protect the public not just catch the bad guy

Rotherham’s MP, Sarah Champion, chair of an important parliamentary group on adult survivors of child sexual abuse, wants to see some change at the MoJ

Diplomat from Down Under: George Brandis

Australia’s top envoy in London reflects on moving from politics to diplomacy and on the deep historical ties that bind his country with the United Kingdom.

Neil Wigan’s Hectic Days in Tel Aviv

His schedule is packed but there’s never a dull day for Neil Wigan, the British ambassador to Israel. He gives the lowdown on his life in Israel

A New Magazine for a New Parliament

When the clocks struck 11pm on 31 January, it was the end of our 45-year relationship with the EU.