They’ll do it Allison’s Way

Allison Pearson hosts a dinner for the bravest pro-Leave writers


It’s unusual for dinner invitations to be issued for literary bravery but this is a criterion for the guest list for the VIP dinner at Brown’s hotel (owned by Brexiter Rocco Forte) which will celebrate Brexit on 30th January. The party will be hosted by bestselling author Allison Pearson the night before 31st January because “there are already too many other parties happening on Brexit night.” Corridor hears that the dinner is for the ‘most influential and brave’ pro-Leave writers (think Charles Moore and Douglas Murray) who have ‘“faced abuse for their pro-Brexit articles’,” a party source says. The evening will involve toasts, speeches and a cocktail of cross-party celebrations with a keynote speech from former Labour MP Kate Hoey. The journos will then be shuttled over to Alexandra Tolstoy’s house in Chelsea where guests will be toasting a ‘New Political Era for Great Britain’. Expect satirical comedy duo Bounder & Cad to sing a rendition of their song ‘Pourquoi le Brexit’ to the tune of Sinatra’s ‘My Way’.

31st January 2020