Damian Collins MP

Keeping Big Tech in check online

This is our chance to end the internet wild west and have safety standards based on our laws

Getting meta all the time

An extended reality world where people are more cut off from human interaction is a real cause for concern

Zuckerberg’s about-faces

Damian Collins enjoys an expert examination of Facebook’s murky relationship with free speech

Digital Confidential: Why toxic big tech must be held to account

Now we know that the likes of Facebook and Instagram know their harmful content damages its young users, these tech giants should have nowhere to hide

Pressing for Freedom

The kidnapping of journalist Roman Protasevich is only the latest, shocking assault on those who speak truth to power.

By Damian Collins MP

Chips with Everything

The first full volume of the famous socialite MP’s caustic diaries delights Damian Collins

Digital Confidential: A Change is Gonna Come

In the social media age, the amplification of a constant drumbeat of false and harmful messaging that can radicalise its recipients, argues Damian Collins

Bound by country and religion

As the torch passes to the second Irish Catholic president, how do Joe Biden and JFK compare, asks Damian Collins

Steve Bannon Campaign Hashtag Digital

In the Shadows: How Campaigners Shift the Debate

Damian Collins MP explains how digital campaigns alter our perceptions of the news

Cultural Fears and Condescension Brought on Brexit

Brexitland: Identity, Diversity and the Reshaping of British Politics, by Maria Sobolewska and Robert Ford, reviewed by Damian Collins

Digital Confidential: Flood the Zone

In his first column on politics and digital technology, Damian Collins MP writes about flood zones, the deep state and why Silicon Valley is evasive over fake news

Diary: Harry Potter Politics with Damian Collins

Damian Collins remembers his election victory and rejoices at the new Commons term