Robert Tyler

Envisioning the end time

A new collection by Bruno Maçães foresees China’s dominance over the West


The West Needs a New Strategy for Belarus

Belarus has been carrying out oppressive measures against its people with abandon – and without any major repercussions from the West.

An essay in fiction

Putin is rewriting history. How and why?

Biden, Putin, and the Danger of Shaking Hands

At the Geneva Summit, the American President ignored warnings not to shake his Russian counterpart’s hand. In doing so, he reflected a wider trend in which the West shuts its eyes to Russian aggressions, blocking out decades of sound advice coming from Eastern and Central Europe.

Isolating Morocco would be a historic blunder for the EU

Why the EU needs a change of policy approach to avoid Morocco becoming another uncooperative player in the region, which could be just as devastating as when the West lost Turkey

Zoom and the equalisation of ideas

How politicians and videoconferencing have made the world smaller

Never mind Macron, worry about whoever comes next

The combination of Macron’s new-found popularity on the right, the apathetic support for him from the centre, and Le Pen’s tainted brand, may save him in next year’s election

The real problem with the “Sofa Gate”

The trip was supposed to reignite the spark of a relationship between the EU and Turkey – a relationship that has been strained over the last few years.

COVID Recovery Fund challenged in European Courts

If the Constitutional Court decides to proceed with the case, it could delay the roll out of the Coronavirus Recovery Fund for months