Adam Solomons

Introducing the Mace Devolution Index

To paraphrase John Lennon, “You say you want devolution – well, you know, we all want to change the world.”

Dominic Cummings is right about one thing

The prime minister’s friend-turned-enemy is right to point out the government’s misguided plans for herd immunity last year. Ministers shouldn’t be allowed to deny it.

A Prince Among Kings: the Political Anxiety of What’s Going On

Forged in an era of political turmoil and ecological uncertainty. the album’s sentiments still resonate 50 years later

The Spike: Nick Watt’s Good Timing

Newsnight’s boyish political editor has a habit of always finding himself in the right place at the right time.

Meditations in an Emergency: Whitehall during COVID

An Institute for Government report diagnosed Whitehall’s mixed success during the coronavirus pandemic. Its lead author said making the necessary changes will be no mean feat.

The internet said #BringBackPiers. Too right.

Symbol of British decline or catalyst for seaside renewal? Either way, they deserve our love and attention, argues Adam Solomons

David Baddiel is wrong – anyone should be able to play Jews

David Baddiel’s Jews Don’t Count is well-intentioned but sloppy, says Adam Solomons

America must beware the revisionists 

Republicans exploiting the language of unity seek to minimise their role in the Capitol riot. Americans must see through them, says Adam Solomons

Why we haven’t heard from the Chancellor

We shouldn’t blame each other for the latest COVID spike. One man ought to take responsibility, says Adam Solomons

John Bercow Announces His Retirement

Bully-boys still loom large in the Commons

Bercow may be long gone but bullying is still very much alive in the House of Commons, says Adam Solomons

Charity isn’t enough to beat poverty

While Marcus Rashford’s anti-poverty campaign is commendable, only the state can put an end to child poverty, says Adam Solomons

Bayerischer Hof Munich Angela Merkel

Angela’s Revenge

Adam Solomon on why Munich’s Bayerischer Hof is Merkel’s favourite power summit hotel 

Sharp Pencils, Sharper Wit

The ongoing cull of political cartoonists by national newspapers has triggered new conversations about the status of this idiosyncratic art form.

Crony Island?

Political scientists have long alleged that the UK political system is one of the world’s least corrupt. When it comes to cronyism, however, why is Westminster’s record far murkier?

The Diary of a Data Miner

Mindfuck, by Christopher Wylie, reviewed by Adam Solomons

The Rise and Fall of an Haute Couturier

Norman Hartnell: The Biography, by Michael Pick, reviewed by Adam Solomons

The Dark Art of Lobbying

We lift the lid on the industry cloaked in mystery.

Recline and sprawl

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s languid pose on the Treasury bench launched a thousand memes on social media. Five observers interpret his body language for us.

Dominic Cummings Special

Inside the Cummings Revolution

How much can Whitehall’s antiquated government offices learn from the Palo Alto tech giants?