William Cash

Magic mountain

Why reports of the death of Davos Man are exaggerated

The Paradoxes of Papal Politics

Veteran Vatican watcher John Cornwell is won over by Pope Francis, says William Cash

Why ‘cancelling’ MP-poets is Woke tyranny

We still have plenty to learn from the father of English literature and former MP, argues William Cash

Thomas Becket Canterbury Cathedral

Martyr in the Cathedral

Why Thomas Becket’s murder 850 years ago remains a cautionary tale for special advisers today, says William Cash

John le Carré: Novelist of the moral battlefield

British espionage writer John le Carré has died aged 89. William Cash reflects on his legacy

Patrick Paines The Minsiter

Remembering ‘The Minister’, aka Patrick Paines

William Cash pays tribute to ‘The Minister’, his friend Patrick Paines, whose funeral service in the Canterbury Cathedral crypt, led by the Cathedral’s Dean, took place today

Disability History Month has brought out my inner Hospitaller

Whilst we applaud the genius of medical science, don’t think ‘special care’ is a modern invention. The roots of free hospital care go back centuries, says William Cash

Dominic Cummings Special

The Cummings Legacy Is Not What The Pundits Think

As Dominic Cummings leaves Downing Street for the last time, William Cash notes that his legacy will extend far beyond his own disruption of Whitehall

How Cameron’s manager predicted the end of Trump

As pollsters take a battering, again, William Cash recalls how Obama’s fixer, Jim Messina, called the election perfectly

Why religion may still decide the US election

‘Religion was the elephant in the room’ at last night’s Presidential town hall showdowns. It may yet decide the election, says William Cash

Grand Hotel Brighton 1984 Bombing

Brighton Revisited: A Lesson for the PM?

William Cash asks whether the PM can learn from how Thatcher handled the IRA bombing of exactly 36 years ago

Front and Centre of Brussels Hospitality

Contemporary, quirky and classic, William Cash reviews the Hotel Amigo – a converted 16th-century prison with an award-winning Italian restaurant.

Wanted: A Sea-side Tsar

William Cash sets out the case for a new seaside tsar and what needs to be done to reverse the decline of our coastal towns

The Strategist: How to Win Elections with Jim Messina

In an exclusive Mace interview, William Cash talks to Jim Messina, the man known as The Fixer for his success in both Obama and Cameron election campaigns.

Out of Office: What does a holiday destination reveal about a premiership?

William Cash considers Boris Johnson’s Christmas break in Mustique and finds a prime minister’s choice of holiday location to be highly revealing.

Steve Bannon Campaign Hashtag Digital

Trump’s election victory was a ‘metaphysical’ certainty

In an exclusive from DC, William Cash finds Steve Bannon in combative form as he reveals what he’s learnt about strategy from Thucydides