Ferdie Rous

In Conversation with Sylvie Bermann, former French ambassador

Sylvie Bermann was France’s ambassador to the United Kingdom from 2014 to 2017, the first woman to hold the role.

Power, Corruption and Lies: Peter Oborne’s “The Assault on Truth”

In The Assault on Truth, Oborne turns his eye to Boris Johnson, finds Ferdie Rous

Bye-bye Biden the moderate

Biden might look like a return to normality, but he is far from it, says Ferdie Rous

Joe Biden Donald Trump

So what if Biden’s cabinet is Catholic?

Over a third of Biden’s cabinet nominees may be Catholic, but it won’t affect their politics, says Ferdie Rous

Queen Vic Brexit Culture War Conservatives

The Conservatives are finished if they don’t fight the culture war

The Conservatives need to pick a side in the culture war, otherwise they’ll lose it, says Ferdie Rous

Soundbites and ‘Gotcha’ journalism have killed public discourse

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along…, by Iain Dale, reviewed by Ferdie Rous

Wonk Warriors: The Think Tanks that Run the Show

Ferdie Rous looks at the brightest and best think tanks operating in Westminster and looks at how Covid gave think tanks a revamp

Hunt in Hampstead

Jeremy Hunt broke his ex-office silence at a fund-raiser in Hampstead with a speech for Johnny Luk. “We cannot be a party of the whole country unless we win the cities,” he said. This turned out not to be the case – Luk lost out to Tulip Siddiq by nearly 15,000 votes. Would Hunt have […]

Eton Mess

David Cameron’s bio states that booking him offers an ‘unrivalled perspective on the future of the European Union’. This rings a little hollow when set against the referendum result. Corridor has also been told that an old-school friend had been hoping Cameron might sign up with him, but was passed over in favour of the […]