Hilde Vautmanns

European Liberal Forum


The European Liberal Forum (ELF) is the think tank and foundation of the ALDE Party, working to find liberal solutions to European problems​. Through research, policy recommendations and working groups, they test and explore policy solutions that feed into the policy work of the liberal network. 

The ELF has 47 member organisations across Europe fostering collaboration among liberals in Europe through events, discussion and collaborative research projects. Their training and academy programmes are open to liberals across Europe who want to improve their skills in communications, storytelling, strategy, negotiating or political ideology. The ELF contribute to a united liberal Europe through:

ELF Papers. The secretariat collaborates with the most experienced researchers in different fields. Through their research they produce policy recommendations that feed into their party’s policy work.  For example, a recent policy report presents two reforms that would improve EU food information requirements: the generalisation of a common EU ‘front-of-pack’ evaluative label on all foodstuffs and the introduction of ingredients and nutritional information on alcoholic beverages. 

ELF Events. Every year ELF hosts more than 200 events promoting liberal ideas. The successful ‘Science, Not Fiction Hardware’ is one of their flagship occasions. A series of three events (June, July and September 2021) where policy and decision makers need to be ready to act – not just react – when it comes to new advancements, fostering innovation in Europe and turning science fiction into scientific reality.

ELF Publications. Together with Member Organisations, ELF creates tailor-made publications in collaborative ways that help push the liberal message across Europe.  

A recent publication published by the ELF in cooperation with FORES concerned human centred AI in the EU. The European approach to artificial intelligence has ethical considerations, human control and trustworthiness as its core tenets. But how clearly is this approach reflected in the member states’ strategies? This anthology analyses to what extent the notions of ethical and trustworthy AI, presented by the High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence and the European Commission, have influenced AI strategies in Portugal, the Netherlands, Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland, Norway as well as the Nordics, and what that means for ethical imperatives and competitive advantage. 

Additionally, the ELF produces weekly podcasts with renowned figures from Europe such as MEPs, journalists, and policymakers and runs monthly campaigns promoting topics that are part of the liberal agenda.