Stephanie Draper



Stephanie Draper is CEO of Bond, the umbrella network connecting, strengthening and championing a diverse set of civil society organisations, all with the ultimate goals of eradicating global poverty, inequality and injustice. Bond was founded in 1993 with 61 members and has since grown to over 400 organisations ranging from specialist charities to large international NGOs with a world-wide presence. Draper was appointed in 2019 during a period of high turbulence after revelations of safeguarding and abuse scandals in charities such as Oxfam and Save the Children. Draper’s “significant leadership experience” and track record helping sectors to evolve and change has helped her navigate these difficulties. She has also garnered international experience of bringing different sectors together and formed cross-sector initiatives and partnerships such as the Sustainable Shipping Initiative and the School of Systems Change. Prior to taking up her position at Bond, Draper’s career has been spent in the charitable sector – with a focus on sustainable development. She was previously chief change officer and deputy CEO of Forum for the Future, a NFP researching the practical steps needed to deliver the UN Global Goals.