Fred Roeder

Consumer Choice Center


The Consumer Choice Center is the consumer advocacy group supporting lifestyle freedom, innovation, privacy, science and consumer choice. The main policy areas are digital, mobility, lifestyle and consumer goods and health and science. The CCC’s core Brussels team consists of Luca Bertoletti (Senior Government Affairs Manager), Maria Chaplia (Research Manager) and Bill Wirtz (Senior Policy Analyst).

The team closely follows policy agenda on the EU and member state level, engages with key policymakers from the EU parliament, EU Commission, and national parliaments, contributes to relevant consultations, regularly publishes comments on issues of the day in major European titles such as The Brussels Times and The Parliament Magazine, conducts ongoing research and publishes policy notes and indexes, and activates consumers on the ground to speak up against regulations threatening consumer choice.

In light of the EU Beating Cancer Plan, Tobacco Products Directive review, Dutch vape flavour ban, and calls for marketing bans to tackle obesity in the EU, it is crucially important to stress the need for a science-based approach. The CCC has been vocal in its advocacy for pro-consumer and pro-innovation solutions to pressing issues such as cancer and obesity.

As a consumer advocacy group that supports choice and science, we endorse evidence-based policy-making. The European Union’s approach to regulating the agricultural and medicines sector needs to be based not on an overzealous interpretation of the precautionary principle, but instead incentivise innovation in technology. Crop protection and genetic modification are essential to the well-being of consumers.

CCC constantly presents ideas and opinions to commission officials, MEPs and state executives to make sure they are always up to date with what consumers care most.