Anna Breda

Export USA

EU Affairs Coordinator

Anna Breda is an experienced policy adviser working in Brussels at ExportUSA; a US consulting firm whose mission is to help EU companies exporting to and investing in the US. After 14 years in public affairs, she leveraged her contacts and reputation to position ExportUSA in an innovative and cutting-edge way. She is especially proficient at building strategies and strengthening the company’s position at an institutional level. Recently appointed as staff member of the Southeastern Europe Security Center, she is adept at creating high-level events and PR initiatives aimed at fostering the Euro-Atlantic Trade Dialogue.

Breda previously worked for Kenes Exhibitions, the Israeli organisation that created WATEC – the Water Technologies and Environmental Control Exhibition and Conference – to promote the correct use of water resources. Whilst working at Kenes, she took on multiple tasks, including dealing with institutional affairs and coordinating the steering committee’s membership initiatives. It was also her responsibility to monitor the company’s press relations, and onboard wastewater treatment companies joining either as exhibitors or speakers.

She has also been employed at the Veneto Region Brussels’ Office as EU Policy Adviser to the Minister for Tourism and Foreign Trade, where she was responsible for representing the rights of tourists with disabilities at the EU Level. Her duties included management of the Regional Project of Excellence Development of Accessible Tourism, as well as the promotion and organisation of institutional activities and international events in collaboration with the European Parliament, the European Commission, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the New York City Mayor’s Office for Persons with Disabilities and the Italian Presidency for the Council of Ministers. In addition, she has been instrumental in defining advocacy strategies to enhance territorial positions within the Tourism Sector at an international level. Articulate and proactive, Anna Breda combines a professional and confident approach with excellent interpersonal, communication and networking skills in numerous languages (Italian, English, Spanish and French).