Alec Shelbrooke

Member of Parliament for Elmet and Rothwell



Originally from Bromley, surrogate Yorkshireman Alec Shelbrooke became the first ever MP for new constituency Elmet and Rothwell in 2010. The Conservative MP moved north in 1999 and, after working as a project manager at the University of Leeds, became a Leeds City councillor in 2004. Since entering the House of Commons, Shelbrooke has been a parliamentary private secretary in the Department of Transport, the Foreign Office and to the minister for Northern Ireland. Shelbrooke admits that “as a blue-collar Conservative, my core beliefs do not always fit into the cosy world of left or right politics”, and he has focused on workers’ rights during his time in parliament. He describes himself as a “Conservative trade unionist” and supported the Government’s September 2015 trade unions bill, saying it will “start the process of restoring faith in the trade union movement.” Shelbrooke also attempted in a 2016 private member’s bill to get the government to ban unpaid internships in the interest of equal opportunity, citing his state school education in his support for the bill. The 43-year-old was made Conservative Party vice-chairman after his re-election in 2017. He was also a Remain supporter and backed Jeremy Hunt in the party’s 2019 leadership contest, but has since called for politicians to get behind the government’s approach to Brexit. Shelbrooke is most proud of his legislative work on dementia and women’s issues including endometriosis. He has also campaigned in favour of local government reform in England as well as the introduction of proportional representation to the House of Lords.

Hot Seat

Which historical figures, political or otherwise, do you take inspiration from?

Ronald Reagan represents one of the best examples of hard work allowing you to go far

Is there a song or piece of music you often return to?

I have a very eclectic collection ranging from Heavy Metal to Opera and most genres in between.

Most memorable moment/speech you have witnessed in the Chamber?

In 2015, my Leeds colleague Hilary Benn MP gave a stunning speech regarding military intervention in Syria.

Financial Interests

Official parliamentary photograph taken by Chris McAndrew, 2017, licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0