The Chamber

The Case for Vitamin D Prescriptions

Jim Shannon draws on medical research to argue that vitamin D prescriptions are a crucial component to living in a post-lockdown Covid world.

Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict

Anthony Mangall MP, chair of the APPG on the prevention of sexual violence in conflict initative (PSVI) reminds Parliament why it’s time to reignite the UK’s global initiative in recognising, punishing and supporting the victims of crimes committed on the sidelines of war.

Introducing the Mace Arts and Heritage Index

Mace’s latest index is the first act in our deep dive into the UK’s mighty creative industries sector. We’ve toured museums, galleries and theatres and profile the people performing with the most political influence in Westminster today.

World Oceans Day requires all our attention

Conservative backbencher and climate campaigner Selaine Saxby spoke at the Westminster Hall debate on World Oceans Day

Plugging the gap? Different approaches to road pricing

As EV uptake grows, so too does another headache for the government, writes Patrick Hall.

Here’s how to make COP26 momentous

Westminster observers are concerned the landmark climate conference could prove little more than a showpiece. Stakeholders advised how to avoid that fate.

Pressing for Freedom

The kidnapping of journalist Roman Protasevich is only the latest, shocking assault on those who speak truth to power.

By Damian Collins MP

Introducing the Mace Devolution Index

To paraphrase John Lennon, “You say you want devolution – well, you know, we all want to change the world.”

Dominic Cummings is right about one thing

The prime minister’s friend-turned-enemy is right to point out the government’s misguided plans for herd immunity last year. Ministers shouldn’t be allowed to deny it.

The fight for the ‘supermajority’: why Alba lost out in the Holyrood elections

The party’s dream of a majority for independence may have come true, but not in the way they had hoped, writes Megan Kenyon

Power hungry: London’s best restaurants for politicos

The political power lunch is back. Mace chose 9 of the best locations for the bloodthirsty and just thirsty

Alan Duncan’s diaries are crass and self-indulgent

Contrary to the book’s very first line, Duncan was not “at the centre of British politics for nearly thirty years”.

The mutant variant of parliament has poisoned Westminster

Worse still, much of the new intake of MPs have not been able to discover the art of cooperation.

Cameron, Greensill and small violins

David Cameron isn’t the only one, observes Marie Le Conte. What else do we expect ex-politicians to do?

Meditations in an Emergency: Whitehall during COVID

An Institute for Government report diagnosed Whitehall’s mixed success during the coronavirus pandemic. Its lead author said making the necessary changes will be no mean feat.

Who backs who in the modern Conservative party?

In her latest Jackdaw circular, Marie Le Conte observes a rare ceasefire in Tory backbench alliances. Will it hold?

The APPG for One Punch Assaults should tread lightly

Mandatory minimum sentencing is an unwise aspect of considerations made by the MPs’ lobby group led by Dehenna Davison, argues Bill Bowkett

The internet said #BringBackPiers. Too right.

Symbol of British decline or catalyst for seaside renewal? Either way, they deserve our love and attention, argues Adam Solomons

Women don’t need a new Met Commissioner. We need concrete action.

Fear and unease are widespread among women across the UK. Gestures from Westminster won’t cut it, argues Megan Kenyon.

To Westminster: remember climate change?

In her latest Jackdaw entry, Marie Le Conte argues Westminster politicians are forgetting about one very important issue.

How shutting borders is punishing migrants in the UK

I have no plans to leave, but I have to confess that the past few years haven’t been easy on us immigrants, argues Marie Le Conte

Digital Confidential: A Change is Gonna Come

In the social media age, the amplification of a constant drumbeat of false and harmful messaging that can radicalise its recipients, argues Damian Collins

Rishi Sunak can play it safe or do the right thing

The Chancellor must make this an economic budget, not a political one, argues Eliot Wilson

Housing First can end rough sleeping once and for all

Homelessness remains a stain on society. One policy can end it, argues Brooks Newmark.

Why ‘cancelling’ MP-poets is Woke tyranny

We still have plenty to learn from the father of English literature and former MP, argues William Cash

The UK is leading the way on tech regulation

Facebook’s Director of Public Policy for Northern Europe, Edward Bowles, praises the UK’s holistic approach to tech regulation and outlines the challenges to come

Let’s link climate, girls’ education and nature as we build back better

How can Britain be a global leader whilst cutting billions in overseas aid, asks Harriett Baldwin MP

David Baddiel is wrong – anyone should be able to play Jews

David Baddiel’s Jews Don’t Count is well-intentioned but sloppy, says Adam Solomons

America must beware the revisionists 

Republicans exploiting the language of unity seek to minimise their role in the Capitol riot. Americans must see through them, says Adam Solomons

Bye-bye Biden the moderate

Biden might look like a return to normality, but he is far from it, says Ferdie Rous

Joe Biden Donald Trump

So what if Biden’s cabinet is Catholic?

Over a third of Biden’s cabinet nominees may be Catholic, but it won’t affect their politics, says Ferdie Rous

Why we haven’t heard from the Chancellor

We shouldn’t blame each other for the latest COVID spike. One man ought to take responsibility, says Adam Solomons

Bound by country and religion

As the torch passes to the second Irish Catholic president, how do Joe Biden and JFK compare, asks Damian Collins

The Oldie Regime

As America swears in its oldest ever oldest president, Liz Emerson asks why politicians today fail to represent the young

The death throes of the Trump presidency

The last days of Trump have seen the US descend into chaos amid riots and the invasion of the Capitol building in Washington, but it’s not the last of the Donald, says Brooks Newmark

Lies, damned lies and a break-in

Marie Le Conte‘s take on the Capitol Riots

Thomas Becket Canterbury Cathedral

Martyr in the Cathedral

Why Thomas Becket’s murder 850 years ago remains a cautionary tale for special advisers today, says William Cash

Post-Brexit, Short-termism

Ending short-termism: the post-Brexit challenge

Thirty years of short-termism has left the transport and energy sectors in a stagnating mess, says Tony Lodge, but with Brexit done, there is a chance for some real change

Brexit: Is Groundhog Day Over At Last?

As Brexit negotiations continue in the 11th hour, Marie Le Conte considers the omnipresent question of the last four years

John le Carré: Novelist of the moral battlefield

British espionage writer John le Carré has died aged 89. William Cash reflects on his legacy

Boris hasn't had the best time at the helm

Can Boris bounce back after his annus horribilis?

Since Boris Johnson won an 80-seat landslide at last year’s general election, he has never quite looked in control. But he could yet recover, says Harry Mount

The Old Boy Network is Back

With the corridors of Westminster emptied by the pandemic, former insiders are out of the loop and personal connections rule supreme, says Marie Le Conte

Carrie Symonds and Boris Johnson

Stuck between the snobs and the critics

Fashion can make or break in Westminster, says former aide to Jeremy Corbyn Frances Leach

John Bercow Announces His Retirement

Bully-boys still loom large in the Commons

Bercow may be long gone but bullying is still very much alive in the House of Commons, says Adam Solomons

Patrick Paines The Minsiter

Remembering ‘The Minister’, aka Patrick Paines

William Cash pays tribute to ‘The Minister’, his friend Patrick Paines, whose funeral service in the Canterbury Cathedral crypt, led by the Cathedral’s Dean, took place today

MP’s surgeries get an upgrade

Virtual MP’s surgeries are less strenuous and less time-consuming than their face-to-face equivalents. Josh Dell hails the benefits of their digitisation

Put the Donald in the Dock, says Anthony Scaramucci

In 60 days, America should prosecute the outgoing president for the atrocities of his time in office, argues Anthony Scaramucci (Trump’s former head of communications), Alan Blotcky and Seth Norrholm

Disability History Month has brought out my inner Hospitaller

Whilst we applaud the genius of medical science, don’t think ‘special care’ is a modern invention. The roots of free hospital care go back centuries, says William Cash

Where next for Cain, Cummings and the rest?

Don’t have too much sympathy for SpAds on the out. Leaving Whitehall is when the fun starts…

Dominic Cummings Special

The End of ‘Domocracy’ at No 10

Dominic Cummings’s departure from Downing Street gives Boris Johnson the chance to reshuffle his team on more democratic lines, says former SpAd Peter Cardwell

Dominic Cummings Special

The Cummings Legacy Is Not What The Pundits Think

As Dominic Cummings leaves Downing Street for the last time, William Cash notes that his legacy will extend far beyond his own disruption of Whitehall

Homelessness Homeless

Furlough’s been extended but it won’t save the homeless

As winter sets in, former minister Brooks Newmark explains how the government should tackle homelessness

How Cameron’s manager predicted the end of Trump

As pollsters take a battering, again, William Cash recalls how Obama’s fixer, Jim Messina, called the election perfectly

John Kerry John Bercow William Hague House of Commons

The PM has Forgotten Where Power Truly Resides

To soothe public outrage, says Marie Le Conte, the government need to look beyond the green benches

Charity isn’t enough to beat poverty

While Marcus Rashford’s anti-poverty campaign is commendable, only the state can put an end to child poverty, says Adam Solomons

Is Roadkill the new West Wing?

Former SpAd Peter Cardwell on why he’s a fan

Hankering for the debates of days gone by

With the last Presidential debate tonight, Christopher Altieri longs for the debates of old

Team Trump v Team Biden: Family v Experience

As Trump’s numbers soar in Florida ahead of the final Presidential debate on Thursday, the Mace considers the sea of difference between the Biden and Trump campaign

Queen Vic Brexit Culture War Conservatives

The Conservatives are finished if they don’t fight the culture war

The Conservatives need to pick a side in the culture war, otherwise they’ll lose it, says Ferdie Rous

Joe Biden Donald Trump

The Democrats pick pragmatism over idealism in 2020

As a report reveals that Joe Biden will benefit from his son‘s deal with China’s largest energy company, Nicholas Wapshott explains why he still has the best chance of winning the Presidency

Why religion may still decide the US election

‘Religion was the elephant in the room’ at last night’s Presidential town hall showdowns. It may yet decide the election, says William Cash

Why Merkel does it better

As Boris goes from one blunder to the next, the German chancellor has kept the virus under control, says John Kampfner

Steve Bannon Campaign Hashtag Digital

In the Shadows: How Campaigners Shift the Debate

Damian Collins MP explains how digital campaigns alter our perceptions of the news

Claudia Conway Kellyanne Conway The White House

The Gen Z TikTok Star Taking on Trump

As Kellyanne Conway steps back from her role at the White House, her daughter, Claudia, becomes an internet sensation

Grand Hotel Brighton 1984 Bombing

Brighton Revisited: A Lesson for the PM?

William Cash asks whether the PM can learn from how Thatcher handled the IRA bombing of exactly 36 years ago

Joe Biden Donald Trump

Why Britain should welcome a Biden landslide

Forget Trump, a Biden Presidency would be best for Britain, says George Peel

Donald Trump – Burning Bright

The American President is an apex predator, while his opponent is a pantomime horse, says Conrad Black

Has Covid killed the party conference?

Marie Le Conte

The Cummings Revolution – help or hindrance?

Ed Amory

Westminster booze-ups are tedious, but I miss them terribly

Marie Le Conte

Why the Civil Service matters

By Bernard Jenkin

Wonk Warriors: The Think Tanks that Run the Show

Ferdie Rous looks at the brightest and best think tanks operating in Westminster and looks at how Covid gave think tanks a revamp