Special Reports

Sex, Politics, Access

Introducing our Top 50 Westminster Power Couple Index

Never Let You Go: Clinging to our Leave/Remain Identities

James Tilley on why our Brexit identities still dominate four years on from the referendum.

The Strategist: How to Win Elections with Jim Messina

In an exclusive Mace interview, William Cash talks to Jim Messina, the man known as The Fixer for his success in both Obama and Cameron election campaigns.

Clashing Tribes: The Longevity of ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ Politics

Whatever you think of identity politics, the social battleground between ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ is here to stay, argues Robert Ford.

Wonk Warriors: The Think Tanks that Run the Show

Ferdie Rous looks at the brightest and best think tanks operating in Westminster and looks at how Covid gave think tanks a revamp

Inside the Independent Revolution that Wasn’t

Kenneth Clarke delivered a final parting shot to the Johnson administration at the Carlton Club on the eve of the election – and it’s one that will keep echoing